Thursday, February 2, 2012

ὁ λόγος blog introduction and rules

My name is Ken Zitsch. I am in the process of entering into a one year vicarage leading to my being certified for placement in a call in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LC-MS). I also hold credentials in a denomination called the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC). My journey from the CGGC to the LC-MS was a result of the conviction given to me that The Lutheran Church has the fullness of Christian doctrine. Arminian theology (which the CGGC subscribes
to) is defective in its understanding of the Gospel. It leads people down a path toward disaster. As a Pastor, I am to (as Paul charged Timothy) do "godly edifying which is in faith." The only sure way to do that is to teach "sound doctrine." Thus, my departure from the CGGC.

This blog is for the purpose of theological reflection. As it says in the verse set forth in the title of the blog, we "are to mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to (sound) doctrine." The christian church is inundated today with heterodox and even heretical teaching. It is my intention to point this out and confront it. I invite your comments to my posts. I will not post everyday. I may not get back to you for a couple of days. I will be happy to dialogue with you. It would be my great honor. You must set up a profile on Google that should not take any more than 5 minutes. I will also be glad to take any general questions that you might have concerning Scripture or the Lutheran Confessions.

FYI. I have another blog (primarily pastoral) at If theological conversation isn't your thing, I invite you there to engage in light conversation about Scripture and life. Please remember that the doctrine that drives the bus here is LUTHERAN. The Lutheran confessions are the truest exposition of Scripture. Therein is the tradition of the church universal. The confessions contain the systematic interpretation of Scripture that has been generally agreed on and put forth by the Church over the ages. These are the facts here and they are not under dispute. I do not mind engaging in conversation with you about your theology, but at the end of the day here we will not agree to disagree. We will be civil and polite, but we will leave differences as just that, with Lutheran doctrine as the last word. There will be no attempt at syncretism.

I reserve the right to add or change rules as the experience of this blog goes on. Conversation must be courteous, graceful, and respectful of God's Word. Proper and inproper explanations of Scripture will be pointed out without hesitation. Please remember, correction does not equal judgment. Correction done in love is profitable toward eternal life. If your intention is to win the day rhetorically, you are not welcome here. By the way, I don't care where or how you quote my
words (I am not ashamed of the gospel), but it is forbidden to take the words of any commentors here and republish them unless they give you their permission. I thank you in advance for what God will show me, through you.